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LBC Services

Herd Development- There is nothing more important than your success. And to Luke, the greatest achievement is when you are successful with your own product. Sometimes the best ways to improve a herd is not necessarily add more of the same, but to restructure a program so that it runs like a well-oiled machine from breeding to weaning to merchandizing. Throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall he travels the country making herd visits, and he would be glad to stop by and take a look.

Production Sale Consultation- When hosting your next production sale, consider LBC as your official Sale Consultant. It is a positive gesture to appoint someone to consult for your sale with a professional and independent opinion about your offering. It is comforting to know that there will be a stockman that is unbiased in terms marketing options. Let Luke develop a sale offering, assist in creating your catalog, recruit new buyers and promote your operation.

If you are looking for that 2nd opinion before your next investment, he’s there to help. Work with someone you trust on what you want to purchase. Luke has a unique position on working with VALUE in mind. No one wins if the products are marketed under their money-making potential. He will be throughout the country at various sales this Spring, Winter, and Fall. Check your next catalog to see if his services are available.

Program Marketing- One of the best ways to get your product marketed to the right people is to consider what you want to represent. It’s easy to spend a lot of cash for advertising. Let Luke help you make it worth every dime so that you can take the right approach and create the best image the most affective way.

Marketing Thought:

What we call results are beginnings.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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