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The LBC Advantage

Personable character, positive promotion, and professional standards are what set Luke Bowman Consulting apart from the rest. He has a deep appreciation for all aspects of livestock production. Whether
you are wanting to increase uniformity in your purebred herd, searching
for a new sire to match up and improve your contemporary group
performance, looking for that next great female for your Junior Nationals, or even trying to find that special show project for the local jackpot shows, Luke Bowman Consulting will be worth your time. His progressive and forward-thinking mindset will help you to blaze your own trail rather than follow someone else’s path.

Here are some ideas Luke uses on how to be successful in the livestock arena. Don’t just be a multiplier, be a BREEDER.

1. Know where you want to go- Let’s decide if you want to expand into new markets. How about increasing your sale average? Introduce new genetics? Success starts with specific, measurable and well-planned goals. Think outside of what is already being produced. THINK AHEAD. Look at the big, long-term picture.

2. Learn from past experience- Luke can help you interpret what has and hasn’t worked before. You’ll analyze different elements, such as markets, media, timing, structure, and offering. Just look for patterns. Learn from both your successes and failures.

3. Study your competition- Examine the media they use, their catalogs, advertisements, web sites, the approaches they take, and the timing of their marketing. You’ll learn both from where they shine and where they have room for improvement in terms of genetics and management

4. Pinpoint your strongest markets- Determining the most cost-effective way to reach your best prospects is perhaps the single most important step towards success. Luke will help you evaluate every possible marketing category for responsiveness, cost effectiveness, regional acceptability, and other important variables.

5. Develop a powerful message- Offer value-added benefits and back them up with convincing proof. Promote your product advantages visually.

Marketing Thought:

If you make a product good enough, even though you live in the depths of the forest the public will make a path to your door, says the philosopher. But if you want the public in sufficient numbers, you would better construct a highway.
- William Randolph Hearst

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