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May 23-25, 2009 Memorial Day Weekend
Memories in the Making Club Calf Sale
Kathryn, ND
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Business at a glance:

Luke Bowman is an educator and seedstock producer from the small, rural town of Greens Fork in east-central Indiana. There, he and his father operate a nationally known and well respected purebred beef operation. In addition to the cattle, Luke teaches in a high school agriculture department where his focus is animal science. With over 100 students taking his courses, he works hard to not only teach basic animal husbandry, but also implement leadership skills in his students.

A unique specialist of sorts when dealing in livestock, especially beef production, Luke has a keen sense when working with meat animal producers. He understands the goals and ideals of both commercial livestock applications and show ring enthusiasts. Luke’s knowledge, leadership and personality have allowed him to consult for clients from North Dakota to Texas and market genetics from Australia to Maine.

In addition to the live cattle, Luke also works exclusively with the online auction service provided by The Wendt Group, Inc. as a marketing consultant for show pigs and elite beef genetics. While affiliated with and, Luke has helped to grow the sales of beef and swine genetics to more than $1.2 million in 2007 alone. While accomplishing this, the team has placed several state fair champions and other winners throughout the country.

The need for leadership in animal agriculture has never been greater and Luke Bowman is determined to help facilitate the movement into a positive direction. His success is only determined by your success.

Isn’t it time you invest in guidance from a trusted and reputable friend of the livestock industry?

Luke Bowman


“The lack of Leadership in our country is not due to the lack of leaders.  It’s due to the lack of character in our leaders.”   
-Gen. Norman Schwartzkoph

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